The TND Rank System: A Unique Progression Path, Tailored for You

TND uses a comprehensive and standardised ranking system to gauge individuals’ progress and competence levels within their chosen disciplines. This is a proven system, unique in the region, and based on martial arts practices in order to help you reach your goals and objectives.

The goal while training any of the martial arts is to eventually reach the coveted black belt. The journey towards this destination is not an easy one, but it will definitely be memorable! Our mission is to guide our clients towards a healthier lifestyle through a combination of fitness and martial arts practices.

How Does it Work?

At Team Nogueira Dubai we have six adult ranks, and nine ranks for the kids, each of which have a corresponding colour denoting the path to black belt. Achieving the highest rank requires three things: perseverance, practice and personal development. It also requires the participation of a team that moves ahead together.

We hold stripe days every month and belt grading days twice a year. Grading day is a testing programme that allow members to progress through the ranks. It is comprised of a theory and practical exam that is specific to each discipline and rank. The requirements for the test will be announced beforehand and all qualifying students will be prepared for the event in the weeks leading up to promotion day.

Is it Right for Me?

The Rank System is for all ages, weights, experience and fitness levels. If you are a beginner that has never been in a gym, or a top level athlete looking for your next challenge, this system may be just be what you need to drive to the next level in your path to success!

As a member at TND, you will automatically be enrolled in the system. Your progress will be measured and, based on attendance and technical progress, you will be eligible for testing to achieve higher ranks. Testing is not compulsory however, and the speed at which you wish to progress is entirely in your hands. And our role is to guide students on the path; ultimately we believe that anyone – regardless of age, size or gender – has the ability to reach the highest levels of excellence through a combination of perseverance, hard work and determination.


TND Rank System Benefits

  • It keeps you motivated to progress!
  • It gives you an abundance of short term objectives.
  • The stripe days and ranking exams develop so much positive energy that everyone wants to be a part of it!
  • One of our mottos at TND is “One Team, One Family”. The Rank System helps you become part of the team, which in turn helps everybody to reach their true potential.
TND Rank System

Showcase your Progress!

TND Rank System

Belts, certificates and other memorabilia are awarded at all ranks to showcase your progress!

Rank System
TND Rank System