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Circuit training is a high intensity aerobic workout combining a series of different exercises that together form a circuit. Every exercise is done in short repetitions before the student moves on to the next exercise. This alternation between HIIT and short recovery periods improve the athlete’s capacity and conditioning. The circuit is formed from various different equipment including heavy ropes, tires, benches, kettle bells etc. These are used to increase the intensity of the workout and help students achieve their goals.

Circuit training is a fast-growing sport and is known for building strength, increasing endurance and losing weight quickly. Nowadays, athletes in all disciplines have adopted HIIT as a valuable addition to their other training, as it is proven to produce fast, clear results in terms of physical conditioning. Undoubtedly this is a class that everyone should try at least once: it promotes health, personal growth and building of strength, both physically and mentally.

Circuit Training Benefits

Muscular Power and Endurance
The strength training in circuit training leads to fast results in terms of building muscle tone. Students who start training this sport soon begin lifting more and lasting longer in every exercise, becoming better athletes.

Goal Oriented
This sport teaches an important life lesson which is to set goals for yourself. The competition in circuit training is not with other students, but with yourself, making you constantly set new goals and beat your personal best. This is beneficial for one’s own personal growth inside and outside of the gym.

Weight Loss
Perhaps this is the most widely known benefit of circuit training. It helps with fast weight loss and in building muscle, improving your body, not only aesthetically, but in terms of health as well. This also leads to improved self confidence, which is one of the pillar values we aim for at TND.

Improved Flexibility
In addition to building muscle tone, circuit training also helps with flexibility. Stretches are a crucial part of this class and our coaches have special training to help students push past the limits their bodies set and become more flexible with every training session.

Circuit Training Requirements

What You Need to Bring
  • Perseverance and willpower
  • Goals you want to achieve: i.e. losing weight, lifting heavier weights or increasing your speed
  • A #NeverQuit attitude!
  • Athletes of all levels welcome, from beginners to professionals
  • Training shoes and gloves

What's in it for me?

Why should I start this discipline?

Reasons to Start Circuit Training

A guaranteed fast and effective way to lose weight, build muscle and improve physical conditioning. This is a great discipline for both fitness beginners and experienced athletes, with highly qualified coaches that are focussed on your wants and needs. It’s not an easy workout, but it is definitely one with fantastic health benefits!

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