Team NogueiraWhere the Best in the World Come to Train

Team Nogueira Dubai (TND) is a Martial Arts and Fitness academy that focusses on empowering its members so they can achieve their optimum levels of health, fitness and confidence.

The Team Nogueira name is established worldwide as one of the highest quality academies and we bring the highest standards of martial arts training to the Middle East with star coaches and excellent facilities. TND sits at the pinnacle of sporting excellence, with our athletes competing in UFC, Bellator, Jungle Fight and other major international events.

We offer a familial environment where members can challenge themselves physically and mentally, whilst training alongside some of the best fighters in the world.

A Family Environment

We provide a state-of-the-art training facility which combines fitness and lifestyle facilities – including a health cafe – along with all-inclusive mixed martial arts training areas, including full-size fight cage and boxing ring, mat space, heavy bags, and all the equipment you require!

We have a world-class team of professionals that provide fitness and martial arts training across a wide range of discplines. Whatever your skill level, fitness or competition goals, we have the right people to ensure you meet your objectives!

Our Heritage

TND brings the highest standard of training to the region. With a pedigree heritage, world class coaching and proven competition record, Team Nogueira Dubai is taking the development of martial arts in the Middle East to the next level and beyond.

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