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Rafael Haubert
Rafael HaubertManaging Director & BJJ Head Coach
Rafael is the Managing Director of Team Nogueira Dubai and head coach of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programme. Rafael founded TND in 2013 and is widely known in the BJJ community, having won the World Cup in 2002, 2003, as well as medals in European No-Gi, Pan Ams, Abu Dhabi Worlds and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam.
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Anas Siraj Mounir
Anas Siraj MounirMMA Head Coach
Anas Siraj Mounir is the head of our MMA programme at Team Nogueira Dubai, and a versatile and accomplished professional fighter, with numerous MMA, kickboxing and BJJ titles to his name. “The Moroccan Sensation” is currently competing at lightweight in the Desert Force Championship.
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Mounir Lazzez
Mounir LazzezMuay Thai Head Coach
Mounir is Team Nogueira Dubai’s Muay Thai Head Coach, and also a professional MMA fighter. He is the Desert Force Welterweight Champion as well as Arab Muay Thai Champion, African Kickboxing Champion, Canadian Kickboxing Champion and Tunisian Muay Thai Champion.

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Ricky Rout
Ricky RoutBJJ Coach
Ricky is a BJJ coach at Team Noguiera Dubai, and with eight years of experience, he holds a strong belief that everyone has the ability to excel at this martial art, as long as they are patient, persistent and hard working. A winner of numerous tournaments, Ricky currently holds the rank of black belt under Rafael Haubert.
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Eric Ramsey
Eric RamseyBJJ & MMA Coach
Eric Ramsey is a BJJ, MMA and Olympic weightlifting coach at Team Nogueira Dubai. Originally from the USA, Eric has over two decades’ worth of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness, and is passionate about developing his students into the very best that they can be.
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Franco Sierra
Franco SierraBJJ Coach
Yara Kakish
Yara KakishLadies BJJ Coach
Mejdi Garzoun
Mejdi GarzounBoxing Coach
Mejdi is our boxing coach at Team Nogueira, and is also Arab Boxing Champion, as well as Mediterranean and Tunisian Boxing Champion. The coach has been practicing boxing for nearly a decade and has extensive experience in both competing and teaching the sport.
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Amin Sharifi
Amin SharifiMMA Coach
Amin has been coaching at Team Nogueira Dubai for a number of years, and is passionate about passing on his wide range of knowledge to all students. He has studies a range of martial arts, and as his martial arts developed he naturally gravitated towards MMA, an opportunity that was confirmed when he participated in the 2012 Dubai Fighting Championship.
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Luc Edward Ntsama
Luc Edward NtsamaJudo Coach
Luc is originally from Cameroon and has been practicing Judo for over 27 years. He is a multiple international champion, having competed and won golds in many tournaments all over the world, and his extensive experience and enthusiasm always wins over his students too!
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Andrew Simiyu
Andrew SimiyuCircuit Training Coach
Andrew is a highly qualified Circuit Training coach at TND, and is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He has also completed many technical courses with the ACE and was coach to four-time Kenyan body building champion Mr. Mombasa.
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Joan Blanas
Joan BlanasFront Desk
Joan is from the Philippines and joined our family a year ago. This versatile all-rounder is responsible for range of duties, including sales, marketing and meet-and-greet. She graces our front desk in the evenings and is your point of contact for any queries about sales or customer service.
Charles Kimuli
Charles KimuliIT & Security
Charles is a hard working and multi-talented member of our front desk team. He has been with us since 2013 and has become our go-to guy for anything IT or maintenance related! You’ll always find him near the front desk, so don’t forget to stop for a chat and get to know him a bit better!