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Judo is a modern martial art and self defence system derived in Japan from Jujutsu, and it is also an Olympic sport. The main application of its techniques is to immobilize or subdue the opponent with a pin, joint lock or a choke. A practitioner of judo is known as a judoka, and there are various different judo styles, varying from a focus on defending one’s self to more competitive styles that centre on attacking aggressively. Judo is one of the martial arts incorporated into MMA. Ronda Rousey, notable MMA fighter, earned a bronze Olympic medal in judo in 2008.

This is an excellent discipline for someone looking to get started in martial arts. As it focusses mainly on subduing the opponent, you can first learn to defend yourself before learning how to attack. It is also one of the best martial arts for people looking to learn how to protect themselves in real life situations, where attacking back isn’t as important as survival and escape. As one of the few martial arts that are also Olympic sports, judokas – with a lot of practice – have the unique opportunity to represent their countries in the Olympic Games.

The Benefits of Judo

Self Defence
This is one of the best martial arts for those looking to learn how to defend themselves outside of the mats.

Build Physical and Spiritual Strength
It takes great strength and power to be able to pin someone down, and judo is a great way to build stronger muscles, speed and agility. But more importantly, training in judo refine both body and soul and in time, its spiritual essence will become a part of you.

Judo puts its practitioners in difficult situations where concentration to get the technique right is paramount. The lessons that come with this – discipline, diligence and patience – can be harnessed and readily applied in the outside world.

Judo Class Requirements

What you need to bring
  • Focus and willingness to learn
  • Willpower to overcome mental and physical challenges
  • Gi and belt

What's in it for me?

Why should I start this discipline?

Reasons to start Judo

Judo is a good choice for those looking to get started into a martial art. Like most martial arts, it requires both physical and mental strength and is a great stepping stone for those wanting to learn practical self defence. You can learn how to immobilise and subdue your opponent, compete at the highest sporting levels, and also complement training in BJJ or MMA.

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