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25 09, 2017

Ladies BJJ Class is On!

Did you know? For while now we have been running ladies’ classes at Team Nogueira Dubai. Come give it a try and learn the ultimate badassery! […]

14 05, 2017
  • Ramadan

Ramadan Schedule 2017

Ramadan is fast approaching, and Team Nogueira Dubai will be providing a modified schedule for the holy month.  […]

30 04, 2017

Magnificent Medal Tally for Team Nogueira

Congratulations to All Our Competitors in the Abu Dhabi World Championships! The Championships are over and it was certainly a spectacle! We are absolutely delighted with the performance of all our competitors – kids, teens and adults – who achieved fantastic results across the board. […]

10 04, 2017
  • Abu Dhabi World Pros

World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship 2017

Another year has passed, and after a season of competition events around the UAE and internationally, the World Pros are finally just around the corner!  This year we have more than 7,500 participants at the Abu Dhabi World Pros (WPJJC), including many of our own academy members. The event starts on April 10th 2017 and will be running [...]

30 03, 2017
  • Future Champions

Future Champions Highlights

The Future Champions Third Edition is over, and what a fantastic event it was! We have some great highlights from the big day to share with you…  […]

29 03, 2017

Aziza the Syrian Striker

Spring is upon us, and March is almost over, but before we welcome the new month we’d like to share an interview with one of our aspiring and inspiring Muay Thai students: Aziza Osman! […]

24 03, 2017
  • Future Champions: The Third Edition

Future Champions: The Third Edition

Four disciplines. One location. Are you tough enough? Since holding our first fight competition in May 2016, we've seen growing excitement and turnout at TND-hosted events and we are therefore very excited to announce our third Mixed Martial Arts amateur event, featuring multiple fights in MMA, Muay Thai, Judo and Boxing! Future Champions: The Third Edition is a single day [...]

28 02, 2017
  • Martha Koedooder

Martha Koedooder the Fighter

This February we celebrate Martha (Nelé) Koedooder the fighter! Nelé is addicted to fight sports and has been doing the rounds at TND! She is currently training under Boxing Coach Mejdi Garzoun, and has also been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.  […]

28 01, 2017
  • Haiqa Anwar

New Year’s Resolve with Haiqa Anwar

New Year, New You? Motivation is the key to success, and our first #MemberOfTheMonth for 2017,  Circuits veteran and BJJ enthusiast Haiqa Anwar, is raring to go! […]

25 01, 2017
  • Very Special Grading Day

A Very Special Grading Day

Grading Day is always a big deal at Team Nogueira Dubai, but our event last month was something particularly special. In addition to the regular belt promotions, we were also very proud to hold a promotion ceremony for some of our most dedicated students at Team Nogueira Dubai. Clawing through the ranks to achieve a black belt is no small [...]