One of our mottos at Team Nogueira Dubai is “One Team, One Family”. The closeness and camaraderie that training a martial art brings is unique, and this is particularly so at our gym. Our training brothers and sisters become like family and the knowledge that we are all on this journey together helps drive us on.

What makes Team Nogueira Dubai so special?

We offer a true familial environment where members can challenge themselves both physically and mentally,  training alongside proven fighters who rank amongst the very best in the world. We provide a state-of-the-art training facility which combines fitness and lifestyle facilities – including a health cafe – along with all-inclusive training areas, fight cage and boxing ring, mat space, and all the equipment you require! We also have a world-class team of professionals: whatever your skill level, fitness or competition goals, we have the right people to ensure you meet your objectives.


This month, we want to make it even easier for you to enjoy being at Team Nogueira Dubai. We’re believe that once you’ve tried our gym, met the team and actually trained here, you won’t want to leave, and that’s why, for the month of April 2018, new visitors to the gym can come and train for free! Participate in any of our classes for MMA, BoxingMuay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Karate or Circuit Training.

How it works:

  • This offer is valid for one working week (Sunday through Thursday). The offer will start on the following Sunday from the date you apply.
  • Participate with a friend in any class (please talk to our front desk team to see class schedules for each day).
  • Open to all disciplines.
  • One class allowed per day.
  • You will be assigned to either a regular class or trial class depending on any previous experience.

For existing members, you can invite a friend this month to participate in the same programme – bring along a friend or family member and they can share in your experiences on the mat, in the ring or in the cage!

Call us today on +971 4 338 8967 to take advantage of this offer.

Terms and Conditions: Offer applies during the month of April 2018 only. Open to members and non-members. Maximum one class per day, with a friend. Both people must be present at each class. Not valid with any other promotion.