Eric Ramsey
Eric RamseyTND Coach
BJJ Coach
MMA Coach
Olympic Weightlifting Coach


2003 – begin training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Jorge Gurgel

2006 – graduated from University of Cincinnati, Ohio

2007 – promoted to BJJ Purple belt. Began teaching BJJ & MMA

2007 – completed Sport Kettlebell Coach certification

2012 – completed USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1 (SP-L1) certificate course

2012 – completed Crossfit Trainer Level 1 (L1) certificate course

2013 – promoted to BJJ black belt by Professor Jorge Gurgel

2007 – 2014 – JG MMA, BJJ and Crossfit programme coach

In this post we’re getting up close and personal with Coach Eric Ramsey, Team Nogueira’s BJJ instructor extraordinaire and Olympic Weightlifting aficionado.

Eric, 32, from Cincinnati, USA, has over two decades’ worth of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness. As one of our leading coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, athletics and fitness, he has no shortage of skills and experience.

“I am very passionate about my students and clients. I want to see everyone succeed in meeting their goals. Some strive to be competitive athletes, others love martial arts for the discipline, or seek out fitness coaching to boost their confidence. I feel strong in my ability to work with people in varying aspects of life. My students have always understood and admired the work and attention that I give to them.”

Eric is passionate about developing his students into the very best that they can be, with a meticulous approach to nurturing and growing skills in each student. He adds: “I break down all movements so that anyone can understand the technique. I apply the same method when teaching an armbar for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as I do when teaching the snatch to Olympic Weightlifting clients. All of my students and clients receive the coaching support needed in order to excel.”

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Eric’s work in martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA are directly correlated with his work in fitness coaching, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, and strength training, and he sees a lot of overlap between disciplines, which makes TND the perfect place to train.

“Team Nogueira Dubai has grown into one of the leading destinations for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA in the world. World class athletes regularly stop by to share their knowledge with our team. As our head coach always says – ‘One team, one family’, and I can personally attest to this as a new member of the Team Nogueira Dubai family. I was immediately accepted by the coaching staff and the students: our team is made up of people from all over the world and everyone works together to grow in their chosen martial art! Beginners, visitors and life long martial artists are treated with the same respect and the same high-level coaching.”

Coach Ramsey is eager to meet you all on the mats, and if you’ve not yet been introduced, do stop and say hello when you get the chance. And of course when you’re ready for a challenge, sign up for one of his classes! In addition to regular BJJ classes, which he teaches at all levels on a daily basis, Eric also offers the following:

MMA (all levels)

This class follows the MMA curriculum formulated by head coach Ryan Bow, with some adaptations:
– Open to beginners and advanced level students.
– MMA-specific warm-ups and drills.
– Techniques from striking, grappling, BJJ and wrestling are included.
– Advanced level students will be allowed to spar in supervised situations.
– Beginner level students will develop and refine the fundamental skills needed to grow as a MMA fighter.

Class runs Sun / Tues / Thurs at 9AM. Kids class Sun / Tues / Thurs at 5PM

Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting (beginners)

This is a beginner level class following a basic curriculum to learn the barbell movements and exercises of the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, front squat, deadlift and overhead press:
– Designed for the complete novice to weightlifting or barbell strength training
– The student will develop strength base required to excel in Olympic Weightlifting.
– Experienced lifters or those with a strength training background will refine the fundamentals of snatch, clean and jerk exercises.

Class runs Mon / Wed at 11:30AM, Sat at 9AM

The above information is correct as of October 2016. For all the latest class information and timings please refer to our official online schedule. To book in for a session with Eric please contact us.