Grading Day is always a big deal at Team Nogueira Dubai, but our event last month was something particularly special. In addition to the regular belt promotions, we were also very proud to hold a promotion ceremony for some of our most dedicated students at Team Nogueira Dubai.

Clawing through the ranks to achieve a black belt is no small achievement, but we were delighted that as part of our bi-annual Rank System Grading Day in December 2016, we promoted not one, but EIGHT new black belts! Rodrigo Minotauro was on hand, together with our BJJ Head Coach Rafael Haubert, to preside over the awarding of these very special belts which represent the culmination of years upon years of dedication, perseverance, passion and a true #NeverQuit attitude.

Massive congratulations to Max, Ricky, Abdul, Derek, Ryan, Franco, Mario and Olivier on your very special achievement. Photos below, and don’t forget to check out the video highlights on our YouTube page!