Our student’s hard work, dedication, commitment, sweat, blood,
and tears, helped them to achieve and earn a new rank in their
Martial arts career.
Muay Thai is a full-body contact sport using fists, arms,
elbows, legs, knees, shins, and feet for both attack and
defense. Almost all techniques in this martial art involve
full-body movement, applying rotation of the hips for
increased leverage with each attack.
Martial Arts and Fitness for All FIND OUT MORE A Unique Progression System FIND OUT MORE Built on the Success of Champions FIND OUT MORE Creating Champions in Every Discipline FIND OUT MORE Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts out there. FIND OUT MORE High intensity aerobic workout combining a series of
different exercises.

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Why should you join Team Nogueira Dubai?

Here’s four easy reasons: Health, Fitness, Confidence and Family.

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About UsThe UAE’s Leading Martial Arts Academy

Team Nogueira Dubai is a Martial Arts and Fitness academy that focusses on empowering its members so they can achieve their optimum levels of health, fitness and confidence.

The Team Nogueira name is established worldwide as one of the highest quality academies and we bring the highest standards of martial arts training to the Middle East with star coaches and excellent facilities. Team Nogueira Dubai sits at the pinnacle of sporting excellence, with our athletes competing in UFC, Bellator, Jungle Fight and other major international events.

We offer a familial environment where members can challenge themselves physically and mentally, whilst training alongside some of the best fighters in the world.

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Team Nogueira Dubai offers a wide array of disciplines covering all areas of martial arts and fitness. Whether you’re looking for the speed of boxing or the technique of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we provide the highest quality of classes in the region.

TND is the ideal place to achieve your fitness goals and become a true fighter. The Nogueira name carries a global quality standard that we impose in our gym. If you’re interested in martial arts, look no further: we offer beginner and advanced classes that cater to all experience levels, so that both white and black belts can develop their skills, grow in experience and achieve their goals under the instruction of our world-class coaches.

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We offer a variety of programmes for all lifestyles and ages, including Summer Camps for adults and children, as well as Ladies Camps which focus on women and their fitness goals. We also offer programmes aimed at Schools, Universities, Corporates and the Military.

In addition to our regular camps and training, we are always bringing globally renowned martial arts fighters who teach seminars to our members, where they get the chance to interact with the biggest names in the sport and learn new techniques from the champions themselves.

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We have assembled a team of internationally proven martial arts and fitness professionals to ensure that you receive the very best quality instruction and guidance in the region.

We have a world-class team of professionals that provide fitness and martial arts training across a wide range of disciplines. Whatever your skill level, fitness or competition goals, we have the right people to ensure you meet your objectives!

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A Way of LifeMore than a sport: it’s a lifestyle


A fighter has a quiet self confidence that is clearly seen in all of our coaches and long-term members. We believe that with the right training, our bodies and minds can sync with one another to achieve a high level of self awareness that will come through both at the gym and in life outside of the gym. Find out who you really are.



We encourage healthy lifestyles built upon good nutrition, reduced stress and mental stability. As well as the many benefits that come from our fitness and martial arts disciplines, within our facilities we also provide a health café with options from protein shakes to full meals to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. 

Health Benefits


Fitness is one of the lifestyle pillars we promote, and with a wide range of disciplines we ensure that no-one is restricted to only one workout. Try Muay Thai to improve your cardio and speed or give Aikido a chance to build mental and physical strength. Team Nogueira Dubai is full of fitness success stories, where people’s lives have changed since joining our family.

Our Disciplines

Success StoriesFrom Our Members

Words cannot really express the impact that Team Nogueira Dubai has had on my life. Training boxing here has improved my confidence, fitness and overall wellbeing and I am really enjoying the extra energy that I have throughout the day! Working out isn’t the chore that it once was, and I am so glad that I overcame my fear of starting something new. Thank you so much TND!
- Boxing Student, Steven Fitzsimmons
TND is addictive… the support and energy is amazing, training is focussed and fun with a real family of people trying to get better – and helping each other be better. For BJJ, the combination of pushing the limits of my mind and body has had a very positive effect on my life. Obrigado!
- JiuJitsu Student, Ian Grice
I never thought I could fall in love with a sport until I tried the Muay Thai discipline at Team Nogueira Dubai. It was as if I became a better version of myself, and not just because of the martial art, but because it really feels like coming home when I am there. Simply put, Team Nogueira has become my second home.
- Muay Thai Student, Thais Kelly
The circuit classes at Team Nogueira Dubai help take you to the next level in your personal development, whatever your objectives. Since I am also a Jiu Jitsu student, complementing my training with circuits has really helped improve both my stamina and strength. Thank you Andrew and Team Nogueira!
- Circuit Training & BJJ Student, Alia Al Nahawi

Martial Arts and Fitness for All FIND OUT MORE