FREE Self Defense Seminar for Women

After the exceptional success of our first FREE Self Defense Seminar for Women, TND is happy to state that next Saturday, March 7th, we will host a new edition. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach YARA KAKISH will be conducting this seminar that promises to be a great one as well. Don't hesitate and come and join [...]

FREE Self Defense Seminar for Women2020-10-14T18:45:53+04:00

Lucas Lepri Seminar

Once again an astounding seminar held at TND. This time Lucas Lepri visited our academy and was able to teach TND members a selection of BJJ techniques. Here the full gallery:

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4th February – International Cancer Day

Solidarity BJJ Seminar raised funds to Al Jalila Foundation Last Saturday, February the 1st, Team Nogueira Dubai held a Fundraising BJJ Seminar, in order to celebrate the International Cancer Day, by raising funds to be given to Al Jalila Foundation. This seminar had a special attendant, Zac Millican, a TND student who has fought cancer, [...]

4th February – International Cancer Day2020-10-14T18:45:53+04:00

International Cancer Day – Solidarity BJJ Seminar

TNDubai BJJ coaches, will minister a solidarity Seminar to raise funds to support Al Jalila Foundation. At Team Nogueira Dubai, we cherish family values such as compassion, good character, righteousness, and confidence. We also believe that together we can change the world, being kind to one another, and support those who are in need. [...]

International Cancer Day – Solidarity BJJ Seminar2020-10-14T18:45:54+04:00

Rogério Nogueira Seminar

Join us this Saturday for an Advanced MMA Seminar with the MMA Legend Rogério Nogueira! The Co-founder of Team Nogueira and UFC Star will be joining us this weekend for an Advanced MMA Seminar. Open to members and the outside public, this is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best and most [...]

Rogério Nogueira Seminar2020-10-14T18:45:55+04:00
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