At Team Nogueira Dubai, our mission is to guide our clients towards a healthier lifestyle through a combination of fitness and martial arts practices. The goal while training any of the martial arts is to eventually reach the coveted black belt. The journey towards this destination is not an easy one, but it will definitely be memorable!

Achieving a black belt requires years of personal development and practice, plus the participation of a team that moves ahead together. We believe that anyone – regardless of age, size or gender – has the ability to reach the highest levels of excellence through a combination of perseverance, hard work and determination. We are here to guide students on the path and look forward to one day graduating you to Black Belt.

Introducing the new Team Nogueira


To better track student progress, we are in the process of restructuring our belt grading system. As of January 2016, we’re having stripe days every month and belt grading days twice a year. We will also be introducing a testing programme for our belt grading. This will be comprised of a theory and practical exam that is specific to each discipline and rank. The requirements for the test will be announced beforehand and all qualifying students will be prepared for the event in the weeks leading up to promotion day.

Attendance requirements for every stripe must be met prior to the set stripe dates and belt testing.