Spring is upon us, and March is almost over, but before we welcome the new month we’d like to share an interview with one of our aspiring and inspiring Muay Thai students: Aziza Osman!

Aziza is 28 years old and hails from Syria. Upon joining the Muay Thai classes she quickly became addicted and has since become a regular attendee at Team Nogueira Dubai. Aziz has always been a fan of martial arts, but knew very little about Muay Thai before joining us. In this article we find out what motivated her to take it up on a daily basis!

TND: Why did you join Team Nogueira? What disciplines do you take here?
Aziza: I joined the gym over a year ago – in January 2016. I have always been very keen on martial arts, but didn’t really know much about Muay Thai, or what I’d be getting myself into! I was actually planning on starting boxing at TND, until I saw all the kneeing and elbowing action in Muay Thai! And that’s what hooked me – I fell in love with the coordination and speed it takes to perform effective combinations. I’m still amazed by the variety of moves I learn in this discipline.

TND: What are your aspirations as a fighter?
Aziza: I’d like to get myself to the stage where I can compete in the ring! I believe it takes a tremendous amount of confidence and inner strength to stand up in front of an opponent and fight; I’d be really to get to that point.

TND: Who/what motivates you to get up and come to class?
Aziza: The after feeling! I know for a fact that may day is not the same if I don’t train at Team Nogueira. It’s my happy place, so no matter what goes on during my day, I know that getting up and going to class will fix everything 🙂

TND: What / Who inspires you?
Aziza: Coach Mounir Sniper! I binged-watched his fights after my first class at the gym. Rim, a good friend and avid fighter at TND. Boxing Coach Mehdi – I’ve watched him train and his teaching techniques are brilliant. Also the young fighters that set an example for their generation like Max, Kareem, Nayel, Amira and Lexie.

TND: What advice would you give to someone looking to start practising a martial art at Team Nogueira Dubai?
Aziza: Find a discipline you enjoy and train until you nail it! It’s been over a year for me and I still learn every day. It takes tonnes of discipline and practice to become any good , but the results are well worth it!

TND: What’s your favourite thing about being a Team Nogueira member?
Aziza: It feels like family! TND has become a second home to me and a place where I’ve made friends that have been beyond supportive – they teach me techniques, push me harder and, best of all, check up on me when I’m away.

TND: Who are your idols in the sport?
Aziza: Ramon Dekkers – legend.

TND: Choose three words to describe yourself.
Aziza: Spontaneous. Storyteller. Humanitarian.

Congratulations Aziza, you are our March 2017 Member of the Month – keep up the great progress, we are very proud of you!