Al Hijri-Islamic New Year Holiday

Dear all,

Please be advised that in celebration of Islamic New Year, the gym will be open for OPEN MAT only this Sunday, October 2nd 2016.

Classes will resume on Monday, October 3, 2016. For further information on our regular schedule please contact us or view it online.

New Classes Available at TND!


We have a new Aikido kids class! It runs Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 4pm to 5pm, ages six to thirteen years old.

Aikido is a relatively modern Japanese martial art that follows an interesting and alternative philosophy to other disciplines. It teaches its practitioners to defend themselves whilst also protecting their attackers from injury. Also known as “the way of harmonious spirit”, this martial art teaches how to use an attacker’s momentum against himself, allowing a smaller person to overcome a larger one.


Circuit training

New classes available Mondays & Wednesdays, 9am to 10am.

Circuit training is a fast-growing sport and is known for building strength, increasing endurance and losing weight quickly. Nowadays, athletes in all disciplines have adopted HIIT as a valuable addition to their other training, as it is proven to produce fast, clear results in terms of physical conditioning. Undoubtedly this is a class that everyone should try at least once: it promotes health, personal growth and building of strength, both physically and mentally.


Thank you all for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Islamic New Year!