The results are in for Future Champions Round II, and everyone’s a winner! 

The event is over but the rewards continue, and not just in medals. The rankings table is displayed further down this post, and we celebrate those that achieved victory in the ring or on the mats last Saturday. You are true champions! It is no small achievement to stand up and fight, and credit goes to all participants who have the courage and strength of will to not only put their best forward on the day, but to do it in the public domain in front of friends and family.

This event is a celebration of sportsmanship and friendship to be sure, but we also believe that its benefits exceed beyond medal tallies: competition itself is character-building, helping to develop strength-of-mind, fortitude, and discipline; traits that in turn bring about a lasting impact on lifestyle. Together with our partners, we aim to do our bit in helping to build a strong and healthy generation here in Dubai.

A Big Thank You

A big shoutout to all the staff and helpers on the day, and of course our amazing sponsors – Reebok, Al Zahra and Red Bull – who ensured the event ran smoothly. Congratulations again to the winners, and thanks all for participating and for the fantastic support!


Future Champions All Around