Who’s our special member this special month of the year? Yazan Al Kawadri, that’s who! Our #MemberOfTheMonth for December 2016 goes to this fierce Muay Thai and boxing aspirant from Syria!

Yazan has been a member at Team Nogueira Dubai for some time, and has impressed peers and coaches with his disciplined, no-nonsense approach to training, something which has helped him progress quickly under the steely-eyed tutelage of coach Mounir ”The Sniper” Lazzez. Despite suffering significant injuries, which involved breaking his jaw in an accident, Yazan has proven to be a comeback king, and below we drill down a bit deeper into why he has proved so tenacious, both in and out of the ring!

TND: Why did you join Team Nogueira? What disciplines do you take here?
Nayel: I joined Team Nogueira over the Summer of 2016. I was looking for the right place to train after watching K1 (a kickboxing platform and martial arts brand). I became so absorbed in the sport that I decided to start training Muay Thai myself, and that inevitably lead me through the doors of Team Nogueira Dubai! In addition to Muay Thai, I also train boxing.

TND: What are your aspirations as a fighter?
Yazan: I want to be a champion. My aspirations are to be the best, known for a unique tactical style and power.

“What I like most about this place is that I really feel like I am part of a giant tribe: the Team Nogueira Family!”
– Yazan

TND: Who/what motivates you to get up and come to class?
Yazan: A more glorious future! Who isn’t motivated by that? But in terms of inspiration, without a doubt it is my father. He inspires me in everything I do.

TND: What advice would you give to someone looking to start practising Muay Thai or boxing?
Yazan: Embrace the pain. It’s not easy, but you must learn to stay tactical and composed at all times.

TND: What’s your favourite thing about being a Team Nogueira member?
Yazan: The amount of people that come here. What I like most about this place is that I really feel like I am part of a giant tribe: the Team Nogueira Family!

TND: Who are your idols in the sport?
Yazan: Yodsanklai Fairtex, the Thai Thaiboxer and former super welterweight WBC Muay Thai World champion 🙂

TND: Choose three words to describe yourself.
Yazan: Never… stops… moving!

Yazan al Kawadri

That’s our round up for 2016 – congrats Yazan you are the man! Oss!