New Year, New You? Motivation is the key to success, and our first #MemberOfTheMonth for 2017,  Circuits veteran and BJJ enthusiast Haiqa Anwar, is raring to go!

Haiqa Anwar is a long-standing member at TND, originally joining us back in 2014, and since that time she’s become a regular face around the gym, practising a range of different disciplines but always with  a singular enthusiasm and determination that commands respect! 22 years of age, and originally from Pakistan, Haiqa reveals her motivations below for training and succeeding in the fitness lifestyle…

TND: Why did you join Team Nogueira? What disciplines do you take here?
Haiqa: I joined Team Nogueira over two years ago, with an interest in taking up fitness and training activities. I originally started with boxing, which provides a fantastic cardio workout, and I quickly fell in love with the workout routine of that discipline and also the quick progress. At about the same time I began Circuit Training under Andrew Simiyu (thanks Coach you’re the best!). Again I progressed fast, and noticed an almost immediate difference in my strength and endurance. I very quickly became addicted to that as well!

TND: What are your aspirations as a fighter?
Haiqa: Being in the gym environment exposes you to all the different disciplines that are being taught, and quite recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has caught my attention. I started training it, and so far it has been a real pleasure. I enjoy the classes and hope to be a black belt before I’m 30!! 😀

Haiqa Anwar

TND: Who/what motivates you to get up and come to class?
Haiqa: I am resolved to become better and stronger at what I do. The desire to achieve success is what motivates me daily.I am also inspired by those around me, people who come and train day after day, working hard to achieve their fitness goals.

TND: What advice would you give to someone looking to start practising BJJ?
Haiqa: Don’t think – just do it! You will fall in love, it is actually a work of art.

TND: What’s your favourite thing about being a Team Nogueira member?
Haiqa: It is like family to me now. The welcome and the camaraderie just makes it an enjoyable place to be.

TND: Who are your idols in the sport?
Haiqa: Mohammed Ali and Conor McGregor

TND: Choose three words to describe yourself.
Haiqa: Focussed, determined and a team-player

Haiqa Anwar

Congratulations Haiqa Anwar!